Vicky Wang Ying was born in 1982 in Beijing, China. She is a true Beijinger, and has been a key character in keeping DCF on the right ring roads in its quest to map the dynamic capital city. She has been with DCF as assistant and illustrator since its first days in the PRC in January of 2005 and worked as part of the core team for the Beijing Boom Tower and Freeze.

But the real secret of it all is that it wasn't Neville Mars' good looks that drew her to Dynamic City Foundation but Louie, the DCF mascot and most famous dog in the Dashanzi Arts District where DCF makes its home.

Vicky joined DCF after receiving her bachelor's degree in English from Beijing Foreign Studies University. Nowadays she can be found working with BAO Atelier and, in her spare time, keeping up with her 12 dogs (psst...don't tell the authorities!).

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