Shuo Wang
Febuary 2008

Shuo Wang is an architect currently working for the Office for Metropolitan Architecture.

Born in Beijing, he has studied at Tsinghua University and Rice University in Houston (M.A). After graduation he has worked in various firms in New York, Rotterdam and Beijing in the field of architecture and urban planning. Projects have spanned from New York, Chicago, London, UAE to major South East Asia cities.

One of his main interests of research has been the intensifying urban dynamics in contemporary metropolis in China and the eruption of grassroots urban forms. He has worked on publication project “Emergent Spaces in Beijing”, documenting and writing about different layers of on-going changes of everyday life in the city of Beijing. His thesis EWB, is an urban research project that attempts to conceptualize and bring proposals for intervening in the urban scenarios, of which he has termed the Wild Be(ij)ing(Beijing or Being).

Since he came back to Beijing from Rotterdam OMA, He gets excited about encompassing the shifting reality and thinking about how hyper-density could develop without killing its unique vitality. He is actively seeking instruments and oppurtunities that would allow constructing an alternative space based on multiplicity and heterogeneity.

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