Fons Schiedon

Fons Schiedon (The Netherlands, 1980) is a visual artist. He lives in Berlin, Germany.

Revolving around concepts of narratives and representation, his work explores the principle of “make believe” and the immersive role of art, cinema and popular culture in the formation of this principle. He creates his work by staging sessions with actors, employing various animation techniques or implementing found footage. The work often relies on digital manipulation – with some projects residing in the stage of post-production for months.

He occasionally makes guest appearances in his own work, clad in a dark blue bath robe, using self-built tools to produce works of art in filmed performances. In February 2011 he was shot and killed during a performance.

The role of fiction in everyday life and processes involved in manufacturing stories was a core theme in his most comprehensive exhibition to date, A man with a plan (2011; MU, Eindhoven), featuring multiple video installations alongside sculpture and painting. Seminal works from this show were Falsified Childhood Memories, Methods of Production and 21:9;16:9;4:3.

He is also known for his commissioned work in graphic-, interior and broadcasting design. Over the last 10 years he has given dozens of lectures and workshops in Germany, the United States, Malaysia, Singapore, Spain, Sweden and Tilburg. He regularly provides coaching and tutoring at universities and residency programs and has been a juror at film festivals.

His work has been featured internationally by magazines, books, websites and festivals such as Creative Review, Pictoplasma, Onedotzero, IdN magazine, Eye, DesignFlux, ITEMS, STASH, Hidden Track and Tres Logos (Die Gestalten Verlag), Newstoday, Cartoon Brew, Drawn, Motionographer, Cold Hard Flash, Feed, K10K, Shift Magazine Japan, No Fat Clips, Computerlove, DiK, Defunktion, Freistil, 3×3 Magazine, BLEND and Elephant.

Lectures and teaching
Speaking engagements (lectures, sessions and workshops) have included Pictoplasma Berlin and New York, Kolla! Stockholm, Today’s Art Festival The Hague, Playgrounds Festival, Territorios Sevilla (University of Andalucia), Spain and KL Design Week (Kuala Lumpur). He also coaches and teaches, for instance at the Netherlands Institute for Animation Film Foundation and Hochschule für Angewandte Wissenschaften Hamburg.

Solo exhibitions
2007 – What I Like. What I Do. Extrafein, Berlin
2008 – Revolution Deformation Concrete Hermit, London
2009 – Before in Place; Earlier in Time Lodown gallery “West Berlin”, Berlin
2011 – A man with a plan. MU, Eindhoven, Netherlands
2011 – An almost entirely perfect representation of a black horse. 28 lux, Berlin

Selected group exhibitions
2006 – Copy Paste History MU, Eindhoven
2007 – Two Faced, Cosh, London / Librairie Gallery, Hong Kong
2008 – Now Showing, Cosh, London / Vallery, Barcelona
2009 – Pictopia Haus der Kulturen der Welt, Berlin
2009 – True Self Jonathan Levine, New York
2010 – The Misprints hAi gallery, Breda

Selected Filmography
2005 – Violently Happy Bugs – 2:30 – animation
2010 – But along the way there is danger – 1:00 – 3D stereoscopic animation
2010 – In a Forest – 2:30 – 2k DCP – 3D animation – cinema distribution
2010 – Nice day for a studio visit (Playgrounds Festival) – 6:30 – HD XDCam
2011 – Falsified Childhood Memories – 1:14 – SD
2011 – Crying Man – 3:40 – HD

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