NEW: VIDEO INTRO Neville Mars at TEDx Shanghai: "China, on the road to planning 100 new ecocities will face five fundamental obstacles, that lay bare contradictions right at the heart of the planning discipline..". Other talks on video, including other TED talks, Harvard GSD, Global Ecocities Forum, available on request.

DCF movies, clips and animations

The Chinese Dream trailer

Trailer for the book The Chinese Dream

Movie link: Exhibition Hall Movie.mov

Project details still closed.

Movie link: Tianjin CBD masterplan animation

Project details still closed.


Installation "8 steps towards the Chinese Dream" for the Shenzhen Architectural Biennial.
Movie link: NEON DREAMS - continuous
Movie link: NEON DREAMS and ROAD - compilation

Further reading: SHENZHEN 2007


Movie link: BBTV
Clip of installation.
Movie link: BBTV - infojections

Further reading Beijing Boom Tower project.

Beijing Rising

Movie made with a camera attached to a helium balloon and 400 meter of rope.
The balloon is released above the newly erected Wang Jing; a sub-center of Beijing of half a million inhabitants.
Movie link: Beijing Rising

Hotel without Operator / Bubble Building

A bubble shaped building block that aims to increase the effective height of commercial architecture.

Movie link: Bubble building slideshow.
Further reading: THE RETAIL BUBBLE

Boloni Hotel and Flagship store - concept animation

Animation of the outdoor stage in different configurations
Design for a Hotel and flagship store on Beijing's East Fifth Ring Road.

Further reading: HOTEL

The Cunning City

Animation of an imaginary city entirely evolved under market forces.
Movie link: cunning city slide show FULL version

Movie link: Cunning City clickable slide show

Further reading The Cunning City chapter.

Solar Forest



Proposal for Gao Bei Dian Art + design district and the design of the L-building.

Further reading GBD project.


This is a video compilation of the D_rail and urban planning software connected in our Beijing_REAL_TIME interactive installation.
D_RAIL interactive installation video compilation

Further reading D_RAIL project


Clip of the H2O- Humans to Oceans video-installation
Movie link: FREEZE projection (front, top, ceiling via mirror + evironment sound)

Movie link: FREEZE monologue (model projection back + introduction text on base)

FREEZE at the millennium Clip 1

Freeze at the Millennium Clip 2

Freeze at the Millennium Clip 3

Further reading FREEZE 須彌山.

American reference projects

Burb 1: "The Chinese Dream - a society under construction" has introduced a number of comparisons between China's current development and the rise od suburbia in post-war America. The following trailers present work of the DCF about the USA.

Moving Manhattan

A documentary on the diversity of Manhattan's citizens. In collaboration with Rem D Koolhaas of United Nude.

Movie link: Moving Manhattan - a film about the people of New York and contemporary American society


Movie link: SUR 2 - compressed

Lecture DCF-Neville Mars

Harvard school of design
March 2008
URBAN DGNAMICS IN CHINA. -low resolution. 1hour
Movie Link: HARVARD-urban_dynamics.mov

Neville Mars

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