Dynamic City Foundation (DCF) / 动态城市基金会 / Stichting de Dynamische Stad

Team '09: Neville Mars, Lucas Correa-Sevilla, Kafung Lau, Monica Datta, Olivier Lacombe, Katie Li, Haijing Wen, Adrian Hornsby, Previous Team Members.

DCF // MARS Architects:
+86 15821959180

4 YanQing Rd 11 Nong 4F unit 11
Xuhui District 200030
Shanghai, PR China

Stichting de Dynamische Stad
Account Netherlands:

Oostenburgerpark 104
1018 HT Amsterdam

name: Stichting de Dynamische Stad
bank no. 39 38 30 950
Swift code: RABONL2U

Chamber of Commerce Holland: 34201100

This website is managed by the Dynamic City Foundation.
Any questions? Send us an email at hello at burb dot tv Find a bug? Send your bug report to bugs at burb dot tv

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