What is a Node?

  • More than anything, a node is simply a grouping of information on a specific topic.
  • A node has a namespace and a title.
  • A node is a collection of data.
  • A node is an article, a datalog, and a dataspace.
  • A node is owned by one user who is responsible for moderating content.
  • Nodes connect together by user-defined hyper-linking.
  • A node is a point of connection in the knowledge of this site.

What can you do with a Node?

  • Focus a brainstorm on one concept.
  • Categorize a torrent of collaboration.
  • Write a draft of an article and ask for comments
  • Publish a final report.
  • Write a glossary term.
  • Create an index or list of links to other nodes.
  • Create a collective scrapbook.
  • Start a competition.
  • Write a poem for your mom.

Components of a node


For more information, see how to add and edit an article, browse and contribute to the Datalog, and browse the Dataspace.

Node namespaces

Main: namespace

The default namespace for nodes. If a node has no namespace specified it is in the main namespace. This is the only namespace with nodes displaying on the home page and search results.
Datalog; dataspace; watchable; searchable; displayed on home page.
Example title
“Main:Towers” or just “Towers”

User: namespace

Nodes with article used to display a user’s profile, a datalog to allow personal discussion for a user, and dataspace to show files related to user’s metadata (user’s metadata?).
Datalog; dataspace; watchable; linked-to from any page listing a username (the history page, articles with user:beau in the text, datalog entries, etc).
Example title

Meta: namespace

Nodes that have information about the nodes. Core website pages such as project info, the contact page, and (maybe) the home page itself.
Datalog; watchable.
Example title

Help: namespace

Nodes with documentation on how to use this website.
Datalog; watchable.
Example title
“Help:Adding nodes”

Node Functions and URLs

When you are viewing a node you have the option of performing several functions on it. These are available above the title of the node as in this example:


However, different namespaces have different functions available. The 'hood function in this example only exists because this is a User: namespace node. Here is a list of all available node functions:

  • view
  • datalog
  • dataspace
  • edit
  • history
  • contribute
  • watch
  • unwatch
  • hood
  • hookup
  • unhook

You will notice the URLs for these functions have a consistent format, {{/function/namespace:title}}, where is any of the terms listed above.

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