various 'green' initiatives


Wind power

Windmills are ideal as they provide very clean energy.
Ideally located in coastal areas, open plains and gaps between mountains
Most suitable for regions with average wind speeds greater than 25km/hr.
Higher the tower the better, as steadier winds are located higher.

Geothermal Energy
-In specific areas can be used to power large scale geothermal energy plants.
They make use of the heat (energy) from a geothermal reservoir (underground area of hot water, vapor or air) which fuels generators and in turn produced electrical power.

As a by product of many geothermal plants is steam, which can be further used for heating, water production etc…

Geothermal Heating
Unlike large scale power production which is typically dependant on a geothermal reservoir, geothermal heating can be deployed almost anywhere in the world. This is because almost anywhere in the world, the earths immediate crust maintains a constant temperature between 45 -58degrees Celsius. Because of this pipe systems with antifreeze circulating through them can be bore down into the earth and work to heat (and cool) environments. This type of heating works well to heat and cool houses without occupying a lot of electrical energy

Solar energy

Solar cooling.
Using solar energy to power cooling systems.

Solar energy
Collect solar energy and transform it into electricity. New technologies are being developed to further efficiency..


Animal Waste

Involves using the energy (mostly methanol) from animal waste, for the production of energy, heating possibilities and fertilizer.

-Reduces amount of pollution in local water sources. –reducing ground water pollution.
-abatement of 1million tones of c02/year.

-Plant as fuel

Garbage as fuel

Urban agriculture

The existing global distribution of food is not sustainable. Unnecessary amounts of energy are put into the transport of foods, from rural to urban, from country to country.. The urban system itself is very dependant ofn the transport of foods from rural to urban areas. Urban agriculture works to reduce this dependence and keep things local.

-reduces rural agricultural dependence
-provides local jobs.
-works to green the urban environment.
-work to help increase urban green spaces,
-reduce non permeable surfaces,
-integrate the community into the environment
Water systems


Watershed planning.
Understanding the larger scale water system. Planning around existing water sources, and working to ensure they don’t become contaminated.

Placing significance (protecting) on riparian areas

Planning for 5, 10, 50, 100 year flood planning.

  • __-by planning sizable water channels which will divert water to ‘safe’ areas
  • __-by creating retention ponds and lakes which retain ater and reduce chances of flooding.


Conserving water initiatives.

  • __Infiltration swales,
  • __Collection ponds
  • __Rainwater collection
  • __Twin urban water systems.

* __* __–grey water, potable water,

Use of wetlands as natural water filters, (can act as natural wildlife refuges within urban centers)

Establishing a storm water runoff treatment centre which treats stormwatter runoff, rather than simply discharges it into local streams.

Applying gutter filters which catch oil particles un sewage gutters.

Reduce total amount of non permeable surfaces by

  • __ Removing street curbs,
  • __ Using different sorts of permeable pavement,
  • __ Promoting green space
  • __ Promoting urban agriculture

Refers to removing salt from salinated water.

  • __-recently technology has become more efficient, and therefore making it more economical.
  • __-typically a very energy intensive process

  • __Appropriate for coastal communities with a limited fresh water sources. (limits the need to transport water from outside the community.)

Also can be the source of steam which can also be used in production of energy, heating etc…

There arethree common forms of desalination
Reverse osmosis, distillation and electrodialysis, and vacuum freezing

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