basic information and pictures

Basic geographical facts。

Total area (admin。 Area of tj) : 11,760km2.
Urban 7399km2
Rural 4361km2

  • There are 51 minority nationalities in Tianjin.


broken into 6 key industries
Petrochemical products

TEDA:development area: hosts various international companies including:Motorola, Toyota, Novozymes and Samsung。
Existing broad goals as mentioned on he Tiajnin municipal govt website。

Future Plans
Where Tianjin plans to by by 2010
To control growth by implementing a “three-step” development strategy
1)Comprehensively build Tianjin into a modern international port-metropolis and an important economic center in the north ofChina,
2)to establish a perfect system of socialist market economy,
3)take the lead in China to basically realize modernization.


-The total output value in Tianjin will increase at the annualrate of 12%,
the per capita total output value will exceed US$7,000,
the financial revenue and fixed asset investment will grow at the annual rate of over 16% and 15% respectively.
-The energy consumption for 10,000 yuan output value will drop by more than 15% from the end of the tenth five-year plan period.
-The investment in research and development will account for 2.5% of the total output value.
-The average annual birth rate will be about 10‰.
-1,400,000 new jobs
-The unemployment rate in the city and town will be limited within 4%. The prices will remain basically stable.
-The per capita disposable income for urban residents and per capita net income for rural residents will increase by at least 10% every year.


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