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Neville Mars Key events

1996 William McDonough and Partners - Charlottesville Virginia
2000 Graduated Master of Architecture University of Technology, Delft
2000-2001 Villa van Doesburg - Artist in residence Paris
2001-2002 O.M.A. - Rem Koolhaas
Schiphol Airport
Guggenheim Museum Las Vegas
MAB - Mixed Mega-block Rotterdam
2002 "Moving Manhattan" - Documentary on the workings of New York.
Premiered Amsterdam Cinestud film festival August 2002
2003 O.M.A. - Rotterdam Central Station competition
2003 AASchool London - Course Brandalism - with Manon Vriesendorp and Fenna Wagenaar
2003 Philips Corporate repositioning - with creative marketing strategists "The Mind" New York.
2003 Director Dynamic City Foundation
Launch multi-disciplinary, cross-scale research project "The Chinese Dream"
2004 Launch - the worlds first online open-source platform aimed to improve Chinese cities.
2005 "Beijing Boom Tower" cross-media installation for the DIAF international Art festival 798.
2006 DCF Co-organizes International Forum "Soldier at The Gates" with Huang Rui at 798. Theme Beijing and Beyond.
2006 "Freeze-H20" multimedia installation for Code Blue - Interactive Shi Ji Tan - Millennium Monument.
2006 BBT installation at the Guangdong Museum of Art - Guangzhou Triennial with Hou Hanru
2007 "Beijing Real_time" Interactive map of Beijing for the new media festival D.E.A.F. 2007, Rotterdam.
2007 "Neon Dreams" and "Zhongguo Jie" installation premiered at the Shenzhen Biennial 2008

2008 "Eight Steps towards the Chinese Dream" installation for the Ljubljana Architecture festival.
2008 Publication "The Chinese Dream - a society under construction"
2008 DCF co-hosts the China Now international summit on urban planning in London.
2008 Villa, gallery and private art studio under construction for Huang Rui near Cao Chang Di.

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