draft - neon side translation 8 steps

1. Faster / slower
o Urbanization rides the wave of the economic boom. 经济大潮推动城市化
o Keeping speed long-term benefits are quickly lost out of sight. 速度淹没长远利益
2. Big / small
o Bigness is fast, top down and impressive. 以速度和规模为大
o Small scale delivers individual opportunities and diversity.小规模增加机会与多样性
3. Rural / Urban
o The economy is increasingly urban. 经济日趋城市化
o Urbanization is increasingly rural. 城市化挺进农村
4. New city / expansion
o In China instant cities are a popular development model 建新城很流行
o but historically doubtful and unnecessary to accommodate the 400 million new urbanites in 2020.四亿新城市人口2020何所去?

5. Designed / Organic
o Urban design has been retroactive, sometimes grandiose and detailed, but still not flexible 滞后的城市规划宏大却死板
o Bottom up development responds to a real need but remains inefficient. 自下而上的开发合心意但效率低
6. Zoned / Mixed
o Investors love special zones to the point of abuse. 投资人爱经济特区
o People love mixed regions, areas and buildings particularly the more specialized. 居住者更爱混合区
7. Roads / Tracks
o Roads are for busses. 公路为公交服务
o Tracks are for comfort. 轨道为舒适服务
8. Scattered / Dense
o The city should offer more space without consuming it. 城市不该侵蚀空间
o The city can spread and scatter without disconnecting. 城市当能延伸不断

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