Hi A., so lets start this brainstorm...
some initial ideas, general issues that i think are interesting to lure people like rem in .. the overarching theme obviously has to be the most persuasive..

I think it could be "the CHinese Dream" ...!

- Mind the Gap:
is China heading for lockdown?
Is the Chinese city suffering from social segregation, are the housing typologies contributing to this? is this inevitable and what are the consequences on the long term?

- New cities:
can they be designed?
can an urban economy be recreated ad hoc on an empty field?

- Future Vision:
big questions, no answers?
We ask the big questions, we urge for an inter

- I like the icon theme; we should find the appropriate question / probably related to the future of design ... Chinese architecture is getting sophisticated, no longer only copy paste. With foreign, but equally with local designers China is becoming equipped to lead to the way in glitzy icons. Are these icons effectively used to upgrade the city, attract investors, boost culture and moral? Are they the basis of a new Chinese identity? Do they even work as such? do these buildings offer anything more then shape? And is that enough? how can buildings become more effective in changing the way the built environment operates?

For the sponsor housing is a good topic i assume.
Beyond the office and sports icons, housing is the true challenge, the next step in future design, where China can and should make a stand?

not so clear how this all ties together other then ... THE BOOK.

See these pages of the Shenzhen PDF http://burb.tv/view/DCF_/_BURB_intro

The idea of a fast detailed reality (the pink lines - for specialists) that is constantly responded by instant solutions .. the eight steps toward the Chinese Dream (big themes - simple answers - for general audience).

I think our file probably should look something like that PDF ...

It's a start; what do you say?


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