Fons Schiedon works as a designer and director.
Since 2001 he has illustrated for a variety of magazines including Esquire and Park Avenue (GER). He worked on a wide range of projects including the corporate identity for, several websites, principal designs for Peter Greenaway’s online game Tulse Luper Journey and motion graphics for the 2004 documentary SNEAKERS. He has worked on a number of interior projects and designed a museum exhibition. In 2005 he made a weekly political cartoon for one of the major Dutch newspapers.

As a director he delivered music videos, commercials and animated shorts, as well as channel id’s for Nickelodeon and MTV ASIA – for most of which he animated himself.
He writes and directs MobSquad(2006), a biweekly animated series for MTV Asia/Australia. This short format mini series (45-80 sec) is distributed via TV broadcast and mobile phones. It features three friends celebrating their dysfunctional lives.

He works as art-director for the 26 episode interactive animated series ‘The Incredible Adventures Of Kika and Bob”, following the success of the series’ 2002 pilot episode where he was responsible for the original designs. The series is to be completed in 2007 and will broadcast internationally.


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