An Overview of County-region Economics from the perspective of “Internet+”

In March, 1995, Chiese Academy of Sciences completed the remote connection among its branches in Shanghai, Hefei, Wuhan, and Nanjing, by utilising IP/X.25 technology, which marked the first step of internet’s expansion across the nation.
At this point, the number of internet users in China is 60,000.

20 years later...

As of December, 2014, the number of internet users in China was 0.649 billion, with a penetration rate of 47.9%.

The annual online retail transaction reached 2.7898 trillion - 10.6% of the world’s total retail transaction.

The Penetration process of “Internet +”

Internet + = Internet Economy (互联网经济体)
Data-driven (数据驱动) = Either digitalization, or death
Reverse revolution (逆向变革) = From C - B

The Legends created by “Internet +”:

Internet + Retail = Taobao, Jingdong
Internet + Transportation = Kuaidi, Didi
Internet + Catering = DD Taobao, Dianping
Internet + Agriculture = New Farmers (新农人), Tootoo
Internet + Finance = Yu’ebao

When “Internet +” Meets County-region economy...The new growth point of E-Commerce in China

In 2013, comparing the growth rate over the same period of time, county-region rate is 13.6% higher than that of the cities.

According to statistics, online retail fuels the growth of consumption in county regions by 57%.

Internet + County regions: New environment of the industry (产业新生态)
in 2013...
1.4 billion parcels - delivered from county regions
1.8 billion parcels - received in county regions

Internet + County regions : Online Industrial Zones
There are over a hundred of industrial zones that have signed contract with Alibaba
The construction of a majority of online industrial zones is based on county-level economy
Form: Enterprise + Government + Service Providers + Patforms
Internet strengthens “agglomeration, division of labor, synergy, knowledge sharing.”

Internet + County regions: New direction for employment

Currently, the scale of talent insufficiency in county regions is about 2 millions.


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