Summary of China’s E-Commerce Business Park Development Report (中国电子商务园区发展报告)(2014-2015) Part 2


Ecological Agglomeration

Every E-commerce business park houses a variety of enterprises, thereby forming a unique eco-system - an important characteristic of their development in the past two years. In many of these parks, resident enterprises form a plentitude of relations with each other, such as sharing experiences, co-marketing, group purchasing, recruitment cooperation, service outsourcing, etc. Some are initiated autonomously by enterprises, while others are facilitated by the parks. Therefore, these parks not only provide substantial convenience in aspects such as workplaces and supporting services, but also create a great atmosphere for e-commerce entrepreneurship and business operation, which are beneficial to the sustainable development of these business parks.


The three main typologies of E-commerce business parks: E-businessman agglomeration, service agglomeration, and creative integration.

Strategic Values

Local E-commerce service Hub

The Incubator of mass entrepreneurship and innovation

Vibrant intellectual community

Policy carrier that advances the development of E-commerce


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