The Interesting Angles of Analysing the cost of sprawl

The Interesting Angles of Analysing the cost of sprawl - deriving from a similar report done by a Canadian team

Cities in China are sprawling, yes. It seems like a uncontrollable monster. But is it a phenomenon just typical of China, or it’s actually a issue happening around the globe? This report from Canada suggests that even in regions with more developed urbanisation, sprawling is still a big, yet very much overlooked problem. So, analysing the may-be-more-exemplified sprawling in China may provide insights into solving the problems it associates world wide. It also fits our target of studying the issues embedded in China to bring them out in front of a broader picture.

Why governments/ residences choose to live/work in suburban areas, which induces sprawling:

Demand - Market Driven -
Individually: property prices
Government: Revenue from selling land (main sources for local governments)

So the hidden costs of sprawling are as follows. We can further research more China-oriented statistics and policies based on the following:
1: MONEY. Subsidies of road building/ (to be filled…)
2: TIME. Congestion/
3: HEALTH. (derived from automobile dependency)Obesity/Emissions-air pollution-haze/Casualties-car accidents

It’s interesting to add in the above parameters when we argue for pancakes mode.

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