The benefits of agglomeration—the pro-pancake proof from World Bank

The benefits of agglomeration—the pro-pancake proof from World Bank

From the report Chinese Urbanizers:

Aside from a thorough expatiation of the history of Chinese urbanisation process, this report provides us strategies when we tackle problems arising from this process:
1, Narrowing the gap between urban and rural areas - exodus from rural areas/separated cities would be cheaper - hence denser urban areas

2, Guiding the migration flow - toward larger cities - agglomeration -
(1)In a globalizing economy, agglomeration economies are a safety valve permitting urban industry to expand in new directions and to maintain both a diversified portfolio of outputs and the potential for adding new activities as some existing ones die out.
(2)A large urban center also provides an environment in which firms have an easier time achieving scale economies, because local markets are large and enable firms to move down the cost curve before venturing into global markets.
(3)Little in the empirical literature suggests that cities are subject to diminishing returns to scale, but poorly planned and managed cities can confront serious issues of congestion, pollution, and high living expenses, particularly as a result of increasing rents.
(4)Polycentric spatial development (which prevents the congestion arising from a single downtown focus with the help of zoning regulations and the use of floor area ratios to vary population densities and create multiple foci) and a well-designed transport system are key to making large cities livable.
(5)Mixed use without sacrificing essential green spaces and recreational amenities conducive to livability.
(6)Agglomerations end up with severe congestion; urban sprawl, which increases energy consumption; and air and noise pollution.
(7)It provides solid proof that that larger Chinese cities tend to be better managed than smaller cities.
3, Financing the big cities - build infrastructures in advance (provide hard facilities)
4, Providing social services - provide soft facilities
5, Limiting consumption of energy
6, Dealing with water scarcity
7, Managing urbanisation - government contral at play

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