welcome, from down understebove

Hi there, from Christchurch New Zealand.
It seems I have just gone back in time as I had signed up around mid day the first of December yet on this site it states that I signed up on the 30th.
All trivial stuff, unless you're like in a situation the west Memphis three. (long story; about alibis and the like).

I'm an ex Dutchman and I've found the waterbench project via Twitter as tweeted by Philips from the Netherlands. (A company my father was economist for, in Eindhoven, Holland.)

Myself, I moved to NZ at 23; some 35 years ago now. My work evolves around Tourism and Hospitality and often self employed.
Besides a day job, I'm a big football fan from that club from Philips 'PSV'. I've coached soccer while in Christchurch and became an unbeaten champion coach with left over players from two different clubs. With the remark: here's a bunch of players, do something with them! So I did. Upon handing out champion's cups to my players I thought of the perfect shirt, fir for Champions. I took a prototype to the marketing manager from PSV Eindhoven who was quick to agree and get excited about this and he wrote a letter in support of my work, which I am setting up: Charity FC.com

It's taken a long time to find a manufacturer that I can trust but the second edition of my shirts are paid for and these should arrive in the mail before Christmas and the show can begin.
I've created a few other things around my charity fc and to stay in touch, i suggest you follow me there or via twitter @MarcelinNZ
I look forward to learn more about this BURB website and all it's opportunities.

I'm planning a major crowd fund campaign and if you're keen to be notified; mail me!
xx Marcel

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