micro-grid system for energy-saving

Nanji Island,booster cable micro-grid system, is the name of the experiment. Now, 863 projects have been selected demonstration projects.

In order to explore the use of renewable energy based energy supply options for the island, Zhejiang Electric Power Company Electric Power Research Institute and the Electric Power Co., Ltd. Pingyang cooperation,glue gun according to the island's natural conditions, in the construction of Nanji Island wind, solar, ocean energy, diesel power generation and a combination of battery energy storage firewood storage landscape, "distributed generation" battery clip integrated system. The system power distribution system with the island, will be integrated into a new energy-based micro-grid system. Nanji Island, together with the micro-grid is a natural choice.

Strong winds on the island, surrounded by endless waves, wind and ocean energy generation, naturally be taken into account. In the non-rainy weather, where sunny, solar power has become so choose ... ... the unit fully inspected by the natural conditions of Nanji Island, a micro-grid component of the system was designed - install 12 100-kW wind turbine , 1000 kilowatts of photovoltaic power generation system, 30 to 50 kilowatts wave power generation system, built to new energy-based power generation micro-grid Nanji Island.


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