McKinsey report .. with urban spread / projects / case in Sichuan / axis / evolving policies

All the McKinsey 1 billion files now online .. interestingly a number of cases in Sichuan available. Namely, Nanchong!

ake a look to the webpage
In the little frame on the right "more on this report", the third link is quiet interesting, with an interactive map that shows different scenarios of urbanization (mega-cities, hubs and spokes, townization.)

The stake is to know if Chengdu and Chongqing will absorb the biggest part of rural migration, or if the governement is able to balance the urbanization between metropolis and secondary cities.

The overall planning of Chengdu-Chongqing Economic Zone determines 2 cores and 5 development belts.
The CD-CQ first development axis is focused on Suining and Hechuan, and the other one on ZiYang, Neijiang and Yongchuang.

Nanchong seems to be potentially under demographic pressure in the near future (see McKinsey report), what Suining can mitigate if enough employment can be created there. They are buliding a new ambitious kaifaqu "Hedong area" and focus between others to health oriented chemical industry...

Also the full Mckinsey report includes many references to evolving policies! .. i have it on MINI MARS !

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