mostly in Tibet and Yunnan + Sichuan Provinces + Taiwan

High temperature geothermal power generation
As an example the Dagejia Geyser regularly gushes out steam and hot water to a height of 20 m. In the Yangbajain geothermal field deep exploration has uncovered temperatures up to 329.8 C. High temperature geothermal power generation mainly takes place in Tibet. By reconnaissance, 131 high temperature geothermal fields were found along this zone. Eight of them have a temperature higher than 200 C. The Yangbajain geothermal field is a typical example of this type of system. Its single well potential for power generation is 12.58 MW.

Medium-low temperature geothermal direct use
About 3,000 geothermal wells have been drilled in China. It is utilized for space heating in the winter in addition to agricultural greenhouse heating, aquaculture, bathing and medical care etc.. In recent years, hot spring paradises or hot spring worlds have evolved rather quickly, especially in large cities like Beijing, Tianjin and Xi’an, and coastal areas, such as the Guangdong and Fujian provinces.

Geothermal Hot Dry Rock (HDR)
This concept uses heat recovered from subsurface rocks to generate electricity. The system proposed for extracting heat from the rock and converting it to electricity is comprised of two distinct subsystems : the power plant (on the surface) and the HDR reservoir (deep beneath the surface), which are connected by deep wells.
Hot dry rock is believed to exist in all geographic locations, but at different depths, depending on local geology. The HDR resource is much larger and more widespread than hydrothermal resources and is probably, therefore, the future of geothermal energy

trying to find a map of HDR depht in china

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