Self-organizing cities and micro-urban functions

In the end of June 2011, the Urban Development and Planning Conference is held in Yangzhou, centered the concept of low-carbon city and green growth. Qiu Baoxing, the vice minister of Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development (MoHURD), delivered opening speech with theme “the sciences of complexity and transformation of cities” to the over 1500 audients, among which were a few dozens of mayors and high officials from MoHURD.

Qiubaoxing, the vice minister of Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development definitively proclaimed: "Chinese urbanization is entering the middle to late phrases, the urbanization should follow the new 'self-organization' philosophy, abandoning the massive rapid construction and destruction, and center around the new “micro-degrade, micro-energy, micro-natural impact, micro-renewing, micro-transportation, micro-green land, micro-governance” principle etc., and eco-city planning experiments.

The attachment are:
1, the original speech Powerpoint slides Qiu used on the meeting.
2, a page-by-page translation of Qiu's PPT slides. As Qiu's speech introduces revolutionary concepts and reasoning to the faces of Chinese officials and echoing Mars' "regulated landscape" thinking, so I reckoned it is important to translate it word-by-word. The content in Italic style included in brakes [] are necessary notes by the translator.


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