Urbanizing Chongqing_Centered Liangjiang New Area_Yuelai Eco-city

Here is the avaiable most recent Chongqing 2007-2020 Planning maps
(http://www.cqupb.gov.cn/2008new/ghzs_cxztgh_zgtj.aspx?id=127), rectified by the State Council in 2006 before the historical National Main Functional Area (2010) and Liangjiang New Area (2010) announced. No newer Chongqing master plan has been released after this 2006 one.

Prioritised Construction Area, 29.2 billion square meters (35.22%) with current 23 million inhabitants (81%). Construction Restricted Area, 45.3 billion square meters (55.07%) with 5.5 million inhabitants (19%), including ecological safegard Area, Agri production safeguard area.
Construction forbidden Area, 8 billion square meters (9.71%), including nature conservation sites, national forest park, etc.

Majority of the planned Chongqing construction would be in the newly established (June 2010) third National Development Zone (after the 1992 Shanghai Podong and 2005 Tianjin Binhai New Area), Chongqing Liangjiang New Area (which will contains 60% of the industrial construction, 40% commercial construction, and 60% public construction before 2020).

The planned Liangjiang New Area is 1,200 square kilometers, of which the part suitable for construction is 550 square kilometers, and the rest is watershed, mountains, and ecological conservations etc. In 2009, registered inhabitants of Liangjiang New Zone Area is 1.6 million, personal annual GDP is 50875 RMB, 2.2 Chongqing personal GDP.

According to the approval of the Sate Council, Chongqing Liangjiang New Area will play roles of a pilot area for the comprehensive urban-rural reform; an important modern manufacturing base and comprehensive transport hub of China; a trade, commercial and logistics centre as well as a financial and technological innovation centre of the upper reaches of the Yangtze; an important gateway of the inland region opening to the outside world and a model for the scientific development.

Liangjiang will construct 20 million square meters green low-carbon building, and one low-carbon eco-city in Yuelai. Yuelai Eco-city is planned to be finished in 5-8 years, centered a national exhibition center.

Aside from this Green Yuelai eco-city, liangjiang is also constructing another "Liangjiang International Cloud Computing Centre" in Shuitu, the northern part of Liangjiang.



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