In the coming decades reserves of fossil fuels are predicted to diminish, weakening the mobility and economic driving force of our societies.

This decline is set to occur at a time when the direct and indirect consequences of Climate Change will place unprecedented demands on our species capacity to adapt to a changing environment.

If we wish to achieve a sustainable future for humanity, new modes of living must be established which promote the efficient use of natural resources whilst preserving the environment upon which our survival depends.

In short, we must implement sustainable development on a global scale before it is too late.


Further to an extended period of research and development, FPS Ltd. have recently completed the full articulation of "The Fractal Matrix Planning System", a new model for development which has the potential to play a significant role in our efforts to establish smart and sustainable cities for the 21st Century.

System Features;
- Applicable within any environmental, cultural or economic context
- Capable of structuring settlements of any scale
- Generates efficient patterns of infrastructure at all stages of development
- Provides a clear framework for effective resource management
- Fosters the development of strong community relationships
- Establishes a new symbiotic relationship between our natural and built environment

If you would like to find out more about the FMPS please feel free to review the presentation document attached.

Further infromation also available for download via our Facebook page @

I hope you enjoy exploring these ideas!

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Padhraic Moneley
M.D. Fractal Planning Solutions Ltd.


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