NDRC_2011_Chengdu-Chongqing Economic Area (CCEA) Regional Planning

On May 13th 2011, NDRC (National Development and Reform Committee) announced Chengdu-Chongqing Economic Area Regional Planning (CCEA Regional Planning). The development of this planning is closely related to another important NDRC newly released national policy, the National Main Functional Area (NMFA, June 8th, 2011), and in many aspect is a pilot urbanization policy paper.

From 2006, NDRC began to reflect and reform its national planning system in the new paradigm of rapid urbanization era. The interconnected nature of the CCEA Regional Planning and NMFA is obvious in the NDRC-ADB (Asian Development Bank) cooperated research on mapping sustainable urbanization in Chinese metropolitan Regions, with Chengdu and Wuhan as case study. (ADB project No.: TA 4702—PRC, Operated from year 2006-8).

Some aspects of this CCEA Regional Planning is very relevant to our planned project, like the CCEA Regional Ecological Network Frame (ENF), CCEA regional circular economy development plan, and that CCEA as the pilot area for National Urban-Rural Comprehensive Reform (means reform on Chinese urbanization policy).

The two attachment are the original NDRC planning paper (In Chinese only), and an English summary of this paper (need to read together with the referring to the original NDRC paper)


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