PROGRAM SZHK Biennale 2009

2009 Shenzhen Hong Kong Bi-City Architecture and Urbanism Forum
Dec 7-9, 2009, Shenzhen Library auditorium


MORNING: BARC Forum – Green cities and sustainability
[sub-organizer Neville Mars]

BARC (Beyond Architectural Regulations in China) is an ambitious collaborative design-research initiated by the Dynamic City Foundation (DCF) that delivers a sustainable vision for China in the form of a tangible case study. The project brings together ten teams from Holland and China in a two-tiered compressed study to conceive fundamental concepts for the green city. Presented at SZHKB Forum will be results of Phase I, a general mapping of the possibilities for the green city of tomorrow. Each office will present their work and vision on sustainability followed by a design charrette. The outcome is a book of mission statements from each office supported by basic conceptual sketches describing the ideal scenario for the green city.

Z.U.S. Elma van Boxel, Kristiane Koreman - confirmed
MVRDV WinnyMaas, Paul Kroese - confirmed
Rocksteady Design Barend Koolhaas, Femke Bijlsma - confirmed
Rietveld­landscape Ronald Reitveld, Eirk Reitveld - confirmed
Urbanus Wang Hui, Yan Meng  - confirmed
MAD Ma Yansong, Yosuke Hayano  - confirmed
Turenscape Yu Kongjian, Alex Camprubi   
BAU James Brearley, Fang Qun

AFTERNOON: Literature and Architecture
In this experimental project, curators have selected a jury of renowned architects and experts of Chinese architecture history to choose ten representative buildings by living designers as the participants of the Biennale. Ten prominent authors were then invited to create ten short stories based on these buildings.

Han Dong and Jiakun Architects
Zhu Wen and Zhang Ke+Standard Architecture
Ching-yueh Roan and Atelier Zhang Lei
Lu Nei and Wang Shu, Hangzhou
Hu Shuwen and MADA s.p.a.m.
Hu Fang and Zaha Hadid Architects
Hon Lai-chu and URBANUS Architecture and Design (Meng Yan, Liu Xiaodu, Wang Hui)
Sheng Keyi and Steven Holl Architects
Zhang Yueran and Zhu Xiaofeng + Scenic Architecture Office
Hong Huang and Yung Ho Chang+Atelier Feichang Jianzhu

MORNING: Make-The-Most-Of-It Urbanism 权宜城市
- Thoughts on Post-Generic City Scenarios in Shenzhen
When urban forms and conditions are determined by unidirectional —‘top-down’—process, it will always encounter an opposition that attempts to resist it. This opposition survives through multiple adaptations and in many forms, and even strives to make-the-most-of-it, boldly and openly. Ultimately, we must accept this condition and exploit it as a viable and vital counterpoint urbanism. This is an urban reality in Shenzhen, and perhaps throughout the rest of the Pearl River Delta, that grew out from the bottom and continues to thrive. It is an urbanism that is Southern, open, tolerant and spirited.
The forum takes place at such moment in time, and in such a place of urban reality, that we hope to take advantage of an opportunity to promote alternative urban scenarios for post-generic cities like Shenzhen and elsewhere in the PRD.

Jeffrey Johnson, ChinaLab
Joseph Grima, ChinaLab , Storefront for Art and Architecture, New York
Dan Wood, WorkAC architecture, NY
David Gianotten, OMA Hong Kong
Li Xiang-ning
Jiang Jun, Urban China magazine
Meng Yan, Urbanus
Liu Heng Doreen
Moderator: Jeffrey Johnson, Doreen Heng Liu

AFTERNOON: Dual-City relationships
The intricate relationship between the two cities of Shenzhen and Hong Kong grew out from strategic economic planning and close physical proximity. But how these two cities have evolved into an interdependent relationship that extends far beyond mere economic ties is yet another story. How can cities become dependent on one another and what are the ways in which this manifests itself? This will be a discussion around the porous nature of borders, the particular conditions of Shenzhen and Hong Kong, and the merging of cities into one another.

Ou Ning, Chief Curator, 2009 SZHKB
Marisa Yiu, Chief Curator, Hong Kong Shenzhen Biennale
Meng Jianmin, Shenzhen Architectural Design Research Institute
Zhang Zhiyang and Feng Guochuan, architects
Zhu Tao, Hong Kong
Wang Weiren, Hong Kong
Moderated by Ou Ning

AFTERNOON: Architecture Biennales and Art Biennales – A Panel Discussion
This panel discussion invites curators of art and architecture biennales to discuss the increasing overlap and merging of disciplines and practices once kept at a distance. Since its inception, the Venice Architectural Biennale has always been scheduled in alternating years with the Art Biennale, as though the two were so distinct as to warrant wholly different audiences and intellectual interests. By the same token, as art biennales become increasingly replaced by art fairs and architectural practices are seen to merge with other artistic practices, how can the biennale model be re-invented and repurposed with respect to these two disciplines? What are the ways in which curators approach the task of ‘curating architecture’ vs. ‘curating art’?

Tirdad Zolghadr, Freelance curator, writer and filmmaker. Confirmed
Gao Shiming, China Academy of Art, Co-Curator, Guangzhou Triennial 2008.Confirmed.
Shumon Basar, writer, curator and educator. Confirmed.
Deyan Sudjic, Director of Design Museum, London; Director, Venice Architecture Biennial 2006. To be confirmed.
Yung Ho Chang, Head of Architecture department, MIT, Chief Curator, First Shenzhen Biennale of Architecture \ Urbanism (2005). To be confirmed.
Ma Qingyun, Dean of Architecture, University of California, Chief Curator, Second Shenzhen and Hong Kong Bi-city Biennale of Architecture \ Urbanism (2007). To be confirmed.
Massimiliano Gioni, Curator, New Museum of Contemporary Art, Director, 8th Gwangju Biennial (2010). To be confirmed.
Daniel Birnbaum, Director, 53rd Venice Biennale (2009); Director of the Städelschule Art Academy and Portikus Gallery, Frankfurt. To be confirmed.

Pauline Yao, Curator of Shenzhen and Hong Kong Bi-city Biennale of Architecture \ Urbanism 2009
Kayoko Ota, Curator of Shenzhen and Hong Kong Bi-city Biennale of Architecture \ Urbanism 2009


MORNING: session: Agricultural Asia: Utopia of Ruralism
This session will include artists, architects and scholars from Asia and beyond sharing their reflections on over-urbanization and the resistance to the call for agricultural capitalism and globalization.

Wu Mali, artist
Lu Xinyu, Shanghai Fudan University
Wen Tiejun, China People’s University
He Huili, China Agricultural University
Hsieh Ying-chun, Taiwan architect
Huang Shengyuan, Taiwan architect
Wu Yin-ning, Taiwan nativist writer
Zhong Yongfeng, Taiwan poet

AFTERNOON: Architecture of Consequence
Panel organized by NAI – Ole Bouman, organizer
Details TBA

Zhu Pei, confirmed
Zhang Ke, confirmed
Li Hu, to be confirmed

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