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北京万花阵/Neville Mars(何新城)/中国
10,000 Flowers / Neville Mars / China

10,000 Flowers is created by Neville Mars, Architect and director of the Dynamic City Foundation (DCF) in Beijing, a research and design institute focused on the rapid transformations of China’s urban landscape.
“北京万花阵”由动态城市基金会的创始人/建筑师Neville Mars所作。动态城市基金会是一个关注中国日新月异的城市景观的研究/设计机构。

Soundscape design: Yan Jun
Camera work: Lu Jia

10,000 Flowers is a one-hour continuous video fly-through depicting the ring roads of Beijing’s inner city highway system. The work is a mesmerizing video panorama of twenty-meter long, pulling the observer deep into an unseen urban landscape. Unlike most portraits of Beijing’s highway system filled with traffic, congestion and suffocation, this video panorama portrays the vast traffic space as filled with potential. The camera follows the path of the extensive new subway lines, revealing what experiences the underground traveler is missing. This cross-section of the city captures the beauty of the new Beijing landscape as contrast between congestions and vast emptiness, high speed and stagnation and infinite color in motion. (Wei Wei Shannon)


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