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Urbanus (Beijing)

Under the leadership of partners LIU Xiaodu, MENG Yan and WANG Hui, URBANUS is a think tank providing strategies for urbanism and architecture in the new millennium. One of China’s most prolific and respected architecture firms, Urbanus works in all areas of architectural design. Their projects regenerate the urban environment by dismantling scale, slowing the pace of the city, and utilizing industrial areas, making the urban scale more accessible to pedestrians. Urbanus’ most noted projects include the Nongke Center in Shenzhen, the planning of TaidaTown in Beijing, and, with OMA, the winning bid for the Shenzhen Crystal Island.

Team: Wang Hui, Wu Wenyi

都市实践 (北京)



ZUS (Rotterdam)

ZUS was founded in 2001 by Elma van Boxel and Kristian Koreman in Rotterdam. Since the start the office has been involved with design and research projects ranging from fashion to urban planning. Operating from the belief that all places have the potential to become unique and thrilling, ZUS’s body of work has a strong been concerned with social sustainability. Trained as landscape architects, ZUS’s realized designs and urban plans include Rotterdam’s Westpunt district and the Central Park at the World Expo in Shanghai, as well as fascinating conceptual studies such as a floating city in Holland and an elevated highway infrastructure for Shanghai. Their public research culminated in the publication “Re-public” (2005).

Team: Elma van Boxel, Kristian Koreman

ZUS (阿姆斯特丹)

ZUS由Elma van boxel和Kristian Korenman于2001年在荷兰鹿特丹创立。从创始之初,事务所即涉猎广泛——从时尚到城市规划,他们相信任何领域都有独特且扣人心弦的潜质。所有ZUS的作品均流露出对社会可持续性发展的强烈关注。景观设计出身的ZUS建筑事务所已实现的作品包括:鹿特丹的Westpunt区的规划、上海世博会中央公园规划、以及诸多引人入胜的概念性研究,比如在荷兰的飘浮城市以及上海高架路基础设施等。他们对于公共领域的研究集结成“Re-public”一书,于2005年出版。

参与团队: Elma van Boxel,Kristian Koreman

MAD (Beijing)

Integrating building with the existing physical and cultural landscape, MAD’s work is, by definition, symbiotic with nature, and designed to be inherently logical to a green urban environment. This approach has propelled MAD to become a defining force in Chinese design. Current projects include the Absolute Towers in Toronto, the Erdos Museum and the Sinosteel International Plaza in Tianjin. MAD recently developed a masterplan for Huaxi District in Guiyang.

Team: Yansong Ma, Dang Qun

MAD (北京)

将建筑与环境与文化景观相结合,MAD的作品具有与自然共生、与绿色城市环境融合的特点。这一方法让MAD已然成为中国设计的新锐势力。其作品包括:位于多伦多的梦露大厦,鄂尔多斯博物馆和天津的中钢国际广场。 MAD最近为贵阳市的花溪区做了总体规划。


Rocksteady Design (Amsterdam)

Rocksteady, is an experimental architecture firm that aims to anticipate, invite and encourage the unpredictable. In their work partners Barend Koolhaas en Femke Bijlsma look for ways in which the user can actually influence or change space itself. This makes Rocksteady Design is a sophisticated Dutch firm with a unique sensibility for flexibility. Their proposed sustainable building system Shuffle is a cornerstone for adaptable constructions. The projects, achieved independently in the Netherlands, Japan and for companies such as OMA, all aim to lay bare the most fundamental qualities in architecture and reexamine the quintessence of age-old building typologies.

Barend Koolhaas, Femke Bijlsma, Reinier Suurenbroek

Rocksteady Design(阿姆斯特丹)

Rocksteady是一家相当实验的建筑事务所,致力于预期、力邀并鼓励出乎意料的事物的诞生。创始人Barend Koolhaas和Femke Bijlsma总在寻求让使用者影响或改变空间的方法。这让Rocksteady Design成为一家对灵活度有高度关注的先锋的荷兰事务所。他们提出的可持续发展的建筑体系Shuffle已成为“可适应的建筑设计”的基石。他们在荷兰和日本独立完成的项目以及为诸如OMA公司所做之项目,均旨在呈现建筑最为本质的特征并反思历久经年的基本建筑形态。

参与团队:Brend Koolhaas,Femke Bijlsma,Reinier Suurenbroek

Powerhouse-Company (Rotterdam, Copenhagen)

Young and dynamic Powerhouse has been redefining how to approach design problems at every scale. Strongly research-driven, pragmatic yet passionate Powerhouse pushes the boundaries of what is commonly understood as a conceptual architecture. Nanne de Ru, worked at AMO/OMA Rem Koolhaas in Rotterdam as a lead researcher and designer on numerous large scale regional planning projects including: Ruhrgebiet a study for a new identity for the Ruhrvalley in Germany, Eurocore, a study into new forms of urbanity in Europe, Beijing Olympic conference center competition, Beijing preservation strategies. Charles Bessard, worked at Atelier Jean Nouvel on the Denmark Radio Concert hall in Ørestad.

Team:Nanne de Ru, Charles Bessard

Powerhouse (鹿特丹, 哥本哈根)

又年轻又有活力的Powerhouse设计事务所,已经在各个层面重新定义应如何解决设计过程中的种种问题。他们以研究为导向,又实用主义又有激情的Powerhouse试图拓展众人心目中概念性建筑设计的边界。创始人Nanne de Ru曾是Rem Koolhaas主持的AMO/OMA的首席研究员,并作为设计师参与了诸多大型区域规划项目,包括:“鲁尔区:关于德国鲁尔河谷新身份的研究”, “欧元核心: 关于欧洲城市新形态的研究”;北京奥林匹克会展中心的竞赛,北京旧城保护方案。Charles Bessard 曾在Atelier Jean Nouvel事务所参与过丹麦广播交响音乐厅的设计。

参与团队: Nanne de Ru, Charles Bessard

MVRDV (Rotterdam, Shanghai)

MVRDV was set up in Rotterdam (Netherlands) in 1993 by Winy Maas, Jacob van Rijs and Nathalie de Vries. Dutch architecture can be signified by a dry and rational approach. MVRDV has spearheaded and perfected this mode of working. Everything from legislation, to typologies and even nature itself is recalculated, reorchestrated and redesigned to fit the needs of an increasingly densely populated and diverse world.

Team: Winy Maas, Paul Kroese


MVRDV由Winy Maas, Jacob van Rijs and Nathalie de Vries于1993年在荷兰鹿特丹创立。实在而高度理性的方法是荷兰建筑设计最为显要的特征。MVRDV已成为了这一工作模式的领军人物且将其发展到极致。从法律法规、建筑类型、甚至自然环境本身都被他们重新计算、重新规整、重新设计,以满足人口飞涨和日益多样化的世界的新需要。

参与团队:Winy Maas, Paul Kroese

BAU International (Shanghai)

Strongly interested in the concept of network cities – defined by continuous programming – BAU International is a leading contemporary design company practicing architecture, urbanism, and landscape architecture. Originally founded by James and Fang Qun in Australia, based in Shanghai, the firm is a cross-cultural enterprise. BAU has won five Royal Australian Institute of Architects Awards and received first prize in over two dozen invited competitions.

Team: James Brearley, Fang Qun

BAU国际 (上海)


参与团队:James Brearley,方群

Amateur Architecture Studio (Hangzhou)

WANG Shu and Lu wenyu founded the Amateur Architecture Studio in 1998. This Hangzhou-based practice has grown during the past ten years into a renowned name in China. Wang Shu has, as an outsider in the field of architecture, radically revolutionized the way insiders think about architecture in China. Straightforward solutions are combined with innovative use of common materials and a respect for handwork. The result are the most fun and humanistic projects in contemporary design. The step towards sustainability almost comes natural.

Team: Wang Shu, Lu wenyu



出席代表: 王澍、陆文宇

Tsinghua School of Architecture (Beijing)

Tsinghua School of Architecture is the leading architecture educational institute in China. Under the leadership of Dean Zhu Wenyi, the school has moved strongly in the direction of green design, embracing new design technology, conscious relationships between the architecture and urban planning scales and building extensive relationships with partners in these fields around the world.

Team: Dean Zhu Wenyi, Alex Camprubi



参与团队:朱文一,Alex Camprubi

Dynamic City Foundation (Amsterdam, Beijing)

In 2003 Neville Mars founded the Dynamic City Foundation (DCF); a research and design platform focused on the rapid transformations of China's urban landscape. Having developed several progressive green planning projects in China, DCF is working to move beyond common attempts at integrated planning to achieve a holistic model for sustainable design. This model entails a close correlation between the designs at different scales - from block to region - and their development through time. As the conceptual organizers of the project, DCF will lead the urban planning process.

Team: Neville Mars, Alain Fouraux, Kafung Lau


Neville Mars于2003年创建动态城市基金会:一个着力研究中国城市快转变的研究机构和设计平台。目前已在中国完成数个前卫的绿色规划项目,DCF正试图超越整体规划的常规,而实现可持续设计的整体模式——从街区到地区——并分阶段开发。作为此项目的组织者,DCF将主持规划的流程,并整合所有团队的意见。

出席代表:Neville mars,Alain Fouraux,刘嘉锋

Technical Analyses

Tsinghua Institute for Architecture & Technology Studies

Prof. Yehao Song, Prof. Terrence Curry



参与团队:宋晔皓教授,Terrence Curry教授

Moderator Adrian Hornsby

Adrian Hornsby is a writer of rare diversity. His pioneering work on non-financial metrics (to be published with OUP, 2010) has been adopted by several UK funds, and is the subject of a major study in Singapore. The book The Chinese Dream, co-authored with Neville Mars and the DCF, is an award-winning 800-page monster-volume anatomizing Chinese urbanization. His essays and features, ranging from tomatoes in the Middle East to girls in night-time cafés, have appeared in numerous publications, including Hunch, The Architectural Review and Urban China, and he speaks regularly on a host of global issues. He has written dozens of short stories and four internationally produced plays. He is currently working on an opera libretto.

Adrian Hornsby

Adrian Hornsby是位少见的多样型作家。他关于非金融指标的先锋作品(待出版,牛津大学出版社,2010年)已被多个英国基金采纳,并成为新加坡的一项主要研究课题。《中国梦》是他与动态城市基金会的何新城共同完成,其800多页的篇幅试图剖析中国的城市化进程。他的杂文与专题写作——从中东的西红柿到午夜咖啡馆女郎——在诸多出版物发表,其中包括Hunch,《建筑评论》和《城市中国》等,定期关注全球性问题。他撰写了许多短篇小说和四部世界范围内上演的剧本,目前正为一部歌剧剧本辛勤耕耘。

Video Documentation:

Lu Jia, Master's Graduate in school of Television And Film Art, Communication University of China.

Editor of Documantary-2008 Shenzhen & Hongkong Bi-city Biennale of Urbanism\Architecture.

Excutive producer of Vitamin Space\RMB City Office in Video Art.





Client: Caofeidian Eco City


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