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Zandbelt &vandenBerg is an office for architecture and urban planning. The office is focussed on both research and design and it develops strategies on different levels:
• design of buildings and their context
• interventions and transformations in the urban field
• development of metropolitan and regional spatial strategies

The office was founded in 2002. Today a team of five architects / urban planners works on a variety of projects. Both Daan Zandbelt and Rogier van den Berg are part of the chair of Metropolitan & Regional Design at TU Delft’s Faculty of Architecture. They teach a mix of Dutch and international students in the Master courses of the Urbanism department

Zandbelt&vandenBerg conceptualizes and constructs the contemporary city.
The office contributes to the development of the urban environment by making architecture, urban design and long term, spatial strategies. The ongoing growth of metropolises and the regionalization of cities demand a new attitude towards the urban. It requires to anticipate on all possible changes in the future, to develop a framework for development rather than a fixed masterplan. Nevertheless a plan seems only able to mobilize decision makers when this framework comes together with an appealing image of a possible final result. The office works in this tension between strategy and seductive image and can provide both. The office is first of all a think-tank and design studio. Operating in the field from national planning to private clients the office cooperates with established firms to provide a full body of knowledge and expertise in construction, detailing, engineering and economics.

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