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form follows profit | who makes the rules and who is ruled?!

When I started to get interrested in the development of the east asian metroples I didn´t expact to find a new scale of reality.

To learn and read about european cities like the revitalisation of the new harbour side of Hamburg with it´s new urban impact is like playing in a sandbox for students like me who never got in contact with the reality except in the offices I worked for or on my touristical journeys into the forreign countries.

18 mio Inhabitants (01. Jannuary 2005) of Jakarta-Indonesia in relation to 0.28 mio Inhabitants (30. Sep. 2006) of Karlsruhe-Germany opened my eyes...

I was interrested in the faces of the poor and have now to think about the traces of the rich..

In one year I will do my finale thesis in architecture and urban design. Is it still a game?

My eyes will look to south east asia and I would like to taste the reality of the contrasts between dreams of the poor and dreams of the rich. Who makes the rules and who is ruled?

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