Jeanne-Marie Gescher

Jeanne-Marie Gescher is acknowledged as one of the leading thinkers on China and emerging market dynamics; she is founder of the private advisory firm cga, of the sustainable china forum and, most recently of Odyssey 22; through cga and in her personal capacity, she is advisor to business, social and policy leaders around the world.

As founder of cga, Jeanne-Marie’s work in the broadcast, internet and content sectors, helped to shape the development of China’s digital and creative industries; her focus on the wider spectrum of the investment challenge (including the social, human and environmental equation) has supported some of China’s largest and most successful global investors – from digital communications to healthcare and natural resources - in aligning business strategy with policy fundamentals; her focus on ‘white space’ and ‘disruptive’ business challenges – and the cga leadership dialogue programmes which she facilitates - have enabled some of the world’s leading businesses to explore the potential for creative business initiative in the emerging markets. cga’s country and landscapes are widely acknowledged as defining milestones in delivering cutting-edge knowledge accessibly into the hearts of time-pressured CEOs.

As founder of the sustainable china forum, Jeanne-Marie has helped to open the minds of business, policy and social leaders to the critical importance of ‘wide-spectrum’and ‘qualitative’ thinking, when exploring complex sustainability challenges – and of the key value of innovation and ‘open surface’ networking in developing and successfully delivering policy and strategic initiative. Urban China – the most recent report of the sustainable china forum – is widely recognized as a landmark in understanding urban challenge and opportunity. Odyssey 22 applies the same approach to the global challenges and opportunities driven by the transformation of ‘developing countries’ into ‘emerging markets’.

In addition to a range of advisory relationships with leading CEOs and leading social innovators, Jeanne-Marie sits on the advisory board of niche cross-Himalayan investment firm Origo; she is a member of the faculty of Sustainability, an advisor to the China Policy Institute and to Leaders Quest, and a member of the international advisory board of the Institute of Positive Psychology; since 1989, she has been Honorary Legal Adviser to successive British Ambassadors to the PRC (and between 1998 and 2000, was chair of the British Chamber of Commerce in China).

In 2001, Jeanne-Marie was awarded an OBE in recognition of her work in building dialogue between Britain and China; a barrister (specializing in competition law), Jeanne-Marie’s wider career has included a broad and eclectic range of experience – from the competition analysis of stock markets to the re-design of conditionality to support Grameen Bank access to multilateral credit.

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