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This is BURB, the collaborative research platform investigating sustainable urban solutions for Asia's emerging economies. The project is lead by Neville Mars and produced with dedicated teams of planners, designers and scholars that form the Dynamic City Foundation (动态城市基金会).

NEW!: M-A-R-S and M.O.M.

Online now our now Shanghai Studio website www.MARSarchitects.asia and the Water Bench movie on www.WaterBench.com or preview pages and concepts from the upcoming book MANIFESTO OF MISTAKES, an ecocity design manual that reveals how micro scale interventions can be aligned to achieve sustainability on a mega scale.



The first five years of research in hardback titled: THE CHINESE DREAM - a society under construction (Neville Mars, Adrian Hornsby, R010 Publishers, otterdam 2008). To contribute or comment register below.


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